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Silent screams

Over shadowing my thoughts of violence

Searching for meaning

But it takes an evening

To witness a moment of silence


Desparate for that quiet moment

Silent cries for help

Soul searching for answers


Mixed emotions with

The sound of chaos and clashing

Of voices...

At times it's hard to think

Between the noise and my choices...

Screaming silently

For that moment of silence

Tears of pain

Speaks on my behalf

As I gave them a license


Juggling between work and home

Feeling undervalued at work

And home

My pain is shown

Through my awkward silence

Living in my own mind

Where I look forward to

That thought of silence...



Feelings of suffocation

Gasping for air

Drowning in my sorrows

Watching my freedom disappear

I sink into my words

Re surfacing as a freedom writer

Looking at the sky

Feeling jealous of the birds


Admiring them as they fly free

At the top of my lungs

Screaming why me?

Don't take your freedom lightly

It is time to turn things around

I'm the modern day Spike Lee

Directing a movie

For the widescreens

With 3D images

Depicting my life scenes


Something like

The pursuit of happiness



You control, your own destiny

So don't be afraid to say

I'm willing to give the best of me

Give your all

Creativity and all

Believe in yourself, be David

And that giant will fall

Climb that wall

Rebuild yourself

Brick by brick

I mean

Even Muhammad Ali believed

He made medicine sick


Work on your dreams

Eradicate negativity

Try to

Embark on possibility

And believe in your ability

Say I believe

When you feel low and alone

Success will soon visit me


You see greatness lives

Within you and I

I didn't really understand that until I went


You see you can fly

They say skies the limit?

Well not for me

I need a space shuttle to get me through

That sky


Be great

Be amazing

Be brave

Just be

Take a look at your reflection

And tell me what you see

Reflect hope

Reflect faith

Be all you can be

Don't listen to that voice

Who don't believe in your dream


Because I believe...


Dr. Martin believed in a dream...

If he believed then I believe

I'm a king

Leading the uninspired

Because I'm inspired

Just believe in yourself

And fulfil your hearts' desires




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