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Silent screams

over shadowing my thoughts of violence

searching for meaning

but it takes an evening

to witness a moment of silence


desparate for that quiet moment

silent cries for help

soul searching for answers


mixed emotions with

the sound of chaos and clashing

of voices...

at times it's hard to think

between the noise and my choices...

screaming silently

for that moment of silence

tears of pain

speaks on my behalf

as I gave them a license


juggling between work and home

feeling undervalued at work

and home

my pain is shown

through my awkward silence

living in my own mind

where I look forward to

that thought of silence...



In my teens 

I discovered that 

flying was too difficult 

to comprehend

maybe it wasn't for me 


the turbulent chapters 

of my life 

left me fearful of falling 


until one day 

I picked up a parachute 

and jumped 

out of the plane 


leaving behind 

my luggage 

filled with disappointment 

and fear 


crash landing on 

an island of gratitude 



The Drop Off

For many years 

I carried heavy luggage 

under my wings 


failing to drop them off 

at every destination 

until one day 

I felt fatigued 

and free at the same time 


as I built up the courage 

to loosen my grip

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Circadian Rhythm

No amount of melatonin

can make me get tired 

of you 


when I am 

with you

I feel awake 

rationalising insomnia 

as we become attuned 


my circadian rhythm 

is never out of sync 

picking up on 

your frequency 

and tuning in to you 



There are 

creaks in the floorboards 

sharp nails 

protruding from the ground 


spouting like wild flowers 

in a field of uncertainty 


yet I continue to stand 

my ground 

and blossom through 

the corroding earth 




Star Wars 

While others 

look to the stars 

I look towards our community 


among us lie stars 

that have fallen from grace 

seeking the sky 



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